‘Safewards’ (the clue is in the name!) and CAMHS

A major new piece of research from Professor Len Bowers and his team at Kings College, has demonstrated that simple interventions can help wards be safer. Prof Bowers says that Safewards takes inspiration from Star Wards and focuses on small, practical changes that can have a dramatic effect.

Safewards comes with a model which highlights that flashpoints can happen on any ward.  What the model then suggests is that both staff and patients can create a culture where these flashpoints don’t have to result in harm to anyone – either through patients getting upset and angry or staff using coercion to gain control. The ten practical interventions suggested are all doable (and very Star Wards friendly), although some will need to be adapted for CAMHS wards.

Safewards comes with a webpage offering support – here is a link to the model.

And here is a special page on the forum, dedicated to CAMHS wards!

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