Opportunity and Expression

A Quick Summary


Involvement, influence and self-expression...

This theme is about involvement, influence and promoting self-expression. For the young person at this time, opportunity and expression are particularly important and CAMHS wards can offer an excellent chance for young people to benefit from them. Within the staff-young person relationship, as in all relationships, it’s the mutual influence that each one has on the other that contributes to the partnership’s success.

‘Shared decision making’ is the exchange that takes place between young people and ward staff which aims to reach a collaborative decision. Wards can help young people’s expression, verbally, non-verbally or symbolically, through games and creativity, and offer emotional security so young people can progress emotionally, socially and educationally. When staff acknowledge a young person’s feelings with words, not only does it help alleviate anxiety and agitation, it also helps them to build confidence and a language with which to describe and think about how they feel.


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Provide regular professional training for all who work with children and young people—teachers, nurses, youth workers, GPs, and A&E workers etc.


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